At Somerset Film we like to have a clear focus, to enable to us to learncommunicate and take action.

In July 2020 our focus is on #PlasticFreeJuly.


In 2019/20 Somerset Film declared a Climate Emergency, "our ongoing aim is to make our environmental action plan as embedded as our approach to tackling isolation and addressing diversity".

We are passionate about protecting our planet and leading scientists are making it clear that plastic pollution is something that must be addressed now.

We are engaging with #PlasticFreeJuly through our Instagram page:

#MovieMonday - Each Monday in July we will be recommending one film about Plastic Pollution. As highlighted by an article in the Guardian, "Film can be a powerful educational tool, especially for children with disabilities and from deprived backgrounds".

#TipTuesday - On Tuesdays we will be posting plastic free tips. Although we will focus on tips for filmmakers/ industry professionals they are applicable to all. Be sure to leave a comment if you have your own #PlasticFree tips!

#WednesdayWisdom - Wednesday's are all about motivational quotes to help inspire us to take action. "Reading an excerpt or a line of text that offers a new perspective or idea to your own set of thoughts, beliefs, and understandings can spur further ideas in you, and back up the ideas you’re already forming". -

#ThrowBackThursday (#TBT) - On each Thursday of the month we will be posting films produced by Somerset Film that relate to plastic pollution/ climate change. Many of the films were made by young people and are absolutely brilliant! You can find them on our YouTube page.

#FridayFeeling - Each Somerset Film employee is passionate about our planet and we're looking forward to sharing some of our thoughts and feelings with you.


We will also be using our Monthly Film Review live-stream to touch on the subject of plastic pollution and our relationship to planet earth. This month we're reviewing Michaël Dudok de Wit's The Red Turtle (2016).


Join us at 1pm on Monday the 13th on

The film is available on Amazon Prime and YouTube. We'd love to share your reviews so be sure to watch the film in advance and send us your review! (30sec video/ audio clip or short paragraph).