Film and Wellbeing during lockdown

This month on our Instagram page we are focusing 20 films from 20 years to get you through lockdown 2.0

With the future uncertain during the current pandemic sweeping the globe, cinema has become more important to us than ever before. Film often raises issues around emotional wellbeing and can be used to begin conversations about a variety of complicated feelings - Into Film (check out their page for resources!)


Our staff at Somerset Film are all film lovers so we know all about using film to boost our mood, or to get us through tough times. You can read this BUPA article titled Three ways the cinema could boost your wellbeing to discover more about film's relationship to wellbeing.

Here are some other articles:

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Of course cinema's are currently closed. That's why we're recommending films that are available to watch on a variety of platforms. Whether you've got a copy on VHS, DVD or access to an online streaming service, we're sure you'll recognise some old favourites and discover some new must sees!


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Here are some we've already posted. Can you guess what they are?

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