Ignite | Tuning In Project

By May 2, 2019 Opportunity No Comments

A project that provided an opportunity for patients on Meadow Ward at Williton Community Hospital to share, and record, memories. Over a three month project patients, sta and volunteers worked together to capture some amazing, real life, stories. Patients said that it was important that their stories were heard and shared.

Activity Co-ordinator, Kim Neall, said “we’ve provided future generations with an opportunity to glimpse into the past”.

The recording sessions provided a framework in which patients were able to talk, socialise, and express themselves and, just for a moment, not have their ill-health at the forefront of their mind. To see listen to the stories of those involved click here.

Many thanks to the sta at Williton Community Hospital, in particular: the Activites Co-ordinator, volunteers, Ward Secretary and Ward Sister for helping to facilitate the recording sessions and administer important consent documents. The project would not have been possible without you. Most of all, thanks to the patients who enthusiastically, and sometimes emotionally, told their stories.

A project delivered by Ignite Somerset. Ignite Somerset is managed by Somerset Film and funded by Arts Council England.

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